Detail of George Ault's painting of a woman in the green dress walking down a white stairway.

Our inaugural digital catalogue

By Jonathan Boos, Valerie Stanos, Beth Hamilton

Dear Friends,

It is our hope that this note finds you safe and healthy.

In what would historically be the beginning of American Art Week, when we would be eagerly studying the auction catalogues and traveling to New York City to visit the galleries and attend the auctions, we instead find ourselves interacting with the art world in new, different and exciting ways! During this time, we have furthered our digital platforms and developed new lines of client communication, such as our sales newsletter. So, it is with this spirit that the team at the gallery has created our first digital Spring catalogue, which you can access below.

You will see that we have arrived at new asking prices for all of the beautiful works illustrated throughout. We want to be clear, we are open for business, albeit remotely and virtually. All of the works illustrated in the catalogue are available at our gallery and we are able to discuss by phone or live video chat.

We truly hope you enjoy our Spring catalogue and that you may see a work that catches your eye and causes you to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you, if for no other reason than to just catch up and know that you are well.

We wish you all the best,

Jonathan Boos
Valerie Stanos
Beth Hamilton