In this new and ever-changing arts landscape, Jonathan Boos has expanded the gallery’s existing advisory services to work with clients in-person and remotely. New and established collectors alike rely on Jonathan Boos’ advice, connoisseurship and market expertise to inform major acquisitions. Jonathan Boos previews the works on behalf of clients, thoroughly researches their market history, and, with the assistance of seasoned conservators, provides detailed condition analysis to ensure the comfort and security of the client throughout the entire acquisition process. 

It is Jonathan Boos’ mission through these advisory services to connect art lovers with works that truly speak to them and will become part of their lives and legacy. Whether collecting at auction, from another dealer, from home, or in-person, Jonathan Boos offers transparent, premier guidance in his signature expertise of American and European art of the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The gallery’s fee structure is straight-forward and determined solely on a successful purchase or sale. 

Below are a few examples of prized artworks the gallery has placed in both private and public collections.